His love for Her

How could have I not loved her…in her eyes were a thousand worlds which I could see all at the same time when I have never even seen this world that I live in. In her smile were a hundred sorrows which only I could see, while at the same time her smile was all it took to make me feel like I have achieved everything there is and as for her sorrows, they made me feel that I was born for a purpose, the purpose being to be there by her side forever. She came in my life like a blow, a blow of the wind which picks up a lonesome, fallen, fragile leaf and takes it to a nearby lake where the leaf floats on the waves of fresh water, never fearing to drown. She was there all along, in this world, in my world, all these years but it was this one blow of the wind that brought her in the stream of my eyes and I swear, never once after that, have I been able to look at anything else. She is all I see and want to see; all I look at, all I look into, and all I look up to. I can never get enough of her. Her world, it is a beautiful place, where everything is at is, simple, truthful, trusting; and for some reasons of the unknown, it pulls me towards itself as if I am drunk, as if I’m under some spell. I have all the riches of this world, I have travelled far and wide, I own so many houses around this world but it is only inside her when I know I’m in my real home. I get whatever I want, I have never felt deprivation; whatever I like, set my eyes on, fix my mind on, I have enough wealth to bring it into my possession. Everything I lay my hand on, it is mine. But she, I lay my hands on her and I am hers. She makes me feel deprived of her every time she is away. The more near I am, the more I see her, the less I possess her, and the more she possesses me. It is as if none of the riches of this world can buy her for me, or make her mine, for she is not of this world. And a penny, no, it does not even take that to make me hers.  How could I have not loved her… I want to stand by her side, in deserts, on mountains, under the sea and over all lands; I want to live by her, for her, with her, in her. To the world I am a rich man who can have whatever he wants, but ever since I have looked at her, I know I am the poorest. She makes me feel a strange kind of deprivation. I have been deprived of her all these years…I am deprived of her grace, her shadow, her shelter, her gaze, and that smile. I will give up anything in the world for that smile, and a hundred sorrows hiding there in. How could I have not loved her?


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