Though you are a sea and I am just a bubble…you and I are not very different.

In life, nothing matters more than words; words that are said to us, confessed to us, words that we hear and words that we listen, words that we have not heard and words we wish to hear, words that make us cry and words which are all joy, word that do useless talk and words that hold meaning, words we fail to understand and words that sync with us, words that we forget instantaneously and words that are buried in us; words that we fail to forget and words that remain unsaid.

Life is a word play, whatever happens to us and whether we are guided or remain misguided; it all depends on the words we choose to trust.

I am Hira. I write often, read frequent and most of all…I know some words, some of which I share here.

May we find words we can trust.
May God suffice us.


One thought on “About

  1. miss hira what are you doing these days? are you considering to go for CSS? for i’ve found that you’ve quiet sound knowledge and a fine expression,

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